Length: 55 minutes

Choreography: Rachel Oliver Young & Kate Speer in collaboration with her dancers

Music Credit: Kaki King, Sleep Whale, Rachel’s, Iron & Wine, Blondie, The Books, Woven Hand, and Annie Lenox

Dancers:  Margaret Behm, Ashley Embry, Britt Ford, Rachel Oliver Young, Kate Speer


Philly Fringe Festival, Mascher Space Cooperative, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2012

Boulder International Fringe Festival, Dairy East Theater, Boulder, Colorado 201

"This was a moving piece about the fickleness of human beings. It was captivating, sharp and moving. Loved every moment."

Emma, Boulder Fringe Audience Member

"The show was full of beautiful and thought-provoking moments. Like reading a good book, everyone will find something different to take away from it, but no one will leave without having found something that touched and entertained them. A night well spent!"

Sarah, Boulder Fringe Audience Member