Length: 55 minutes

Choreography: Rachel Oliver Young in collaboration with her dancers

Composition/Sound Design: Jesse Manno

Dancers: Aundrea Eleni Anderson, Rachel Dodson, Madeline M Gonzales, Alicia Hammack, Toby Hankin, Erinn Liebhard, Julie Luerhing, Samantha Lysaght, Rachel Oliver Young, Peg Posnick, Jessica Troppman, Mary Willmeng


Artist in Residence, ATLAS Center for Media, Arts and Performance (CMAP), Boulder, CO, January 2014

Between the Bones Studio Collective, Denver, CO April 2014

Re-Set on Bare Bait Dance Company, Open Space Theater, Missoula, MT September 2014

Photography: Heather Gray Photography; Buffalo James Design & Photography

“Rachel that was fantastic. It's been a long time since I've been blown away. Thank you! Really, it was deep and f-ing awesome. It hit me right where I live right now.” Dave Willey, Musician & Dance Accompanist

“It was beautiful… so many amazing choices.  The movement was so unique and fresh and interesting.  Suited all the dancers really well.  Videos and music were on.  The man’s voice in the seminar was a clever choice too.  Kind of haunting to hear and also ironic.  That solo of yours could have gone on forever.  It felt very real and raw and intimate.” Annie King, Dancer

“Such a beautiful and moving show--congrats!!! I was there on Saturday night, and was happy to see a large and appreciative audience…Gary told me he'd seen the show many times by that point, and had been moved to tears each time.” Michael Theodore,  Artist, Musician, and Professor at CU-Boulder