Colony 933

Length: 2 Hours

Plot:  F.E. Toan

Director: Kate Speer

Assistant Director: Rachel Oliver Young

Conceived of and Created Collectively by:

Emma Acheson, Vanessa Ann, Amy Millennor, Sara Roybal, Rowan Salem, Kate Speer, Jessica Troppmann, and Rachel Oliver Young.

Visual artists, Jessica Forrestal, Genevieve Waller, Katy Zimmerman, and Jess Webb, have painted murals and created immersive installations for the production.

Musical artists, Mike Clark and Jake Wherry, complete the sensorial world with an original sound score.


Novo Coffee on 6th Ave. January 2018

Videography by: Drummond West

At [Colony 933], you will be incorporated into a post-apocalyptic world where the sun hasn't risen for years. You may be pulled away by a character to receive explicit instructions, overhear a private conversation, or discover a secret message with your blacklight flashlight. Be prepared for an immersive, interactive work where the audience uncovers the clues and decides the outcome.  

Learn more about the show, in Westword's Video